Morning basket for adults: Autumn edition

I’m a big believer in simple, every day joys, particularly ones that offer rich sensory experiences. Warm tea with honey. A cozy blanket. Freshly baked bread. I try to create morning rituals with the five senses in mind. I find that I feel more alert, happier and more grounded.

I’ve written a lot about morning baskets for children — a collection of activities, books, toys, etc. intended for first thing in the morning to help begin the day in a peaceful, engaging way. I’ve recently started introducing themed baskets for my kids, including Spring and Autumn baskets, and they’re absolute magic.

A few days ago, it occurred to me that I should build my own morning basket. How have I never thought of this??!? I have enough self awareness to know that, although I rebel from structure (especially in the mornings), I actually feel better when I have a bit of a container for my fluidity. I saw this tendency in action when I started working from home during the pandemic; I think I stayed in my pajamas for the first week, but eventually found my rhythm. A year later, I had my first child and became a stay-at-home mom. Without a traditional job as a catalyst, I found myself getting lost in my mornings and feeling off-balance for the rest of my day. Over the past couple of years, I’ve found tools that help me feel connected to nature, grounded in my body and introspective rather than overstimulated. Having some of those tools collected in a basket is exactly what I need to stay on track.

Delicious seasonal tea. There’s really nothing that says autumn more than a hot cup of Little Women-inspired apple tea. If apple isn’t your thing, this Hot Cinnamon Spice is another blend and bestseller. Update: I bought the Hot Cinnamon Spice tea and have been drinking it daily; it’s incredible. The flavor reminds me of red hot candy and tastes like those cinnamon brooms smell. Highly recommend.

Notebook that sparks joy. Fall always makes me yearn for Harry Potter. I love this quirky notebook and use it regularly to journal and make notes.

Seasonal scents. I’ve been burning incense every morning for the past couple of months, and it’s by far my new favorite ritual. I’ve really enjoyed the cinnamon/root chakra scent. It’s incredibly soothing and grounding. I’ve recently ordered Samhain Incense: with Frankincense, Spiced Herbs and Mulled Cider and can’t wait to try it.

Activity to tap into your creativity. I’ve loved handicrafts since I was a child, and as an adult, I find them so therapeutic. I’m currently teaching myself embroidery, and this “sweet as pie” kit is so cozy and from-the-hearth.

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