Summer clothes that got me through the third trimester

When I got pregnant, I was determined to not buy an excessive amount of maternity wear. For starters, I was pregnant during COVID-19, so I rarely left the house. I also felt wasteful buying clothes that I would potentially only wear for a couple of months. I decided to look for clothes that weren’t designed as maternity clothes but could accommodate my bump. Below are the dresses that I wore on repeat towards the end of my pregnancy (April, May and June). None of them are maternity clothes, they’re all under $65 and they all have held up really well. I’ve also worn all of them after giving birth, and it doesn’t feel like I’m swimming in extra fabric.

In addition to the dresses, I also included two sleep dresses and no-slip socks, which I’m continuing to wear postpartum as well.

For sizing reference, I’m 5’7 and 120 pounds.

This Buffalo Plaid Sundress ($31) comes in multiple colors and has pockets. I ordered a small.

I can’t say enough about Z Supply dresses. I have the Short Sleeve Reverie dress in Oatmeal and the Reverie Dress, which is sleeveless, in Lavender Grey. I wear a small in both. The dresses are priced around $64, but you can usually find them on sale, particularly during colder seasons.

This Striped Midi Dress ($34) has pockets and also is available in grey and white options. I ordered a size 4-6.

This White Babydoll Dress ($28) has pockets and is available in a ton of other colors and similar styles. You’ll need to wear a slip with the white option since the fabric is slightly sheer. I ordered a small.

I absolutely love this Boyfriend Sleepshirt ($27). The fabric is incredibly soft and feels like pima cotton. The functioning buttons are great for breastfeeding, and it comes in a ton of colors and patterns. I ordered a medium.

This Sleeveless Nightgown is the only true maternity style on this list ($21). It has snaps at the top of the shoulders that allow the fabric to fold down when breastfeeding. The fabric is so soft and comes in multiple colors, both solids and stripes. I ordered a small.

I highly recommend No-Slip Socks during pregnancy ($17). By the third trimester, you can’t see your feet anymore and your center of gravity changes as the baby grows, so falling becomes a risk. We have slippery wooden floors at our house, so these socks were a very practical purchase for me. I also wear them post pregnancy during Pilates and Barre classes.

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