Summer crafting: lavender wands

I absolutely love a good seasonal craft. A couple of months ago, I happened to run across a reference to “lavender wands.” I immediately Googled the term and read everything I could find about their history and how to make them. That same day, I bought a lavender plant and began patiently waiting to harvest its flowers.

To spare you from having to piece together the History of Lavender Wands from 15 websites, here are the highlights I found:

  1. Lavender wands were made famous by Victorian women who were known for their love of nature, flowers and handicrafts.
  2. They are made by weaving ribbon patterns into long-stemmed, fresh lavender flowers.
  3. Since the wands are aromatic, they can be placed in dresser drawers, closets or cars. They also make lovely hostess gifts, party favors or decoration for wrapped packages.
  4. They’re fun to make with friends and are an easy craft for older children as well.

You can find plenty of descriptions of how to make them online, although this video is my favorite.

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