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  • My Atlanta-based pregnancy team
    Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period are incredibly vulnerable, raw and transformative times for birthers. Now is not the time to settle with substandard care. You should feel supported, safe and free to be honest… More
  • 9 baby registry MVPs
    When I first pulled together the baby registry for our first child, I spent hours researching the best products and reading blogs like this one. Once our baby arrived and we had a chance to… More
  • Thoughts on empowering our daughters
    A distinct memory from my childhood came to me yesterday…as often happens now that I’m a parent. I was in an a high-school-aged-female Bible study, and the two female teachers were showing us how to… More
  • 2 tips for navigating colic & a word on tongue ties
    Doesn’t that picture just leave a knot in your stomach?! Our daughter was born with a tongue tie, lip tie and cheek ties which basically means that the soft tissues in her mouth restricted her… More
  • My birth story with Aurelia
    For Aurelia’s birth, we planned to deliver at home. I had absolutely nothing against hospital births; I simply thought that I would be more relaxed and comfortable at home. Some people find comfort around doctors… More
  • Morning sickness tip that worked for me this week
    I recently wrote about the wonders of acupuncture for preventing morning sickness. Seriously, it’s changed my life and made the first two months of my current pregnancy so comfortable and pleasant. Compared to my last… More
  • Sweet Water Lactation Tea
    This recipe is from Ysha Oakes, Ayurvedic cook and doula. This Ayurvedic lactation tea helps promote digestion, hydration, lactation and rejuvenation. I drank it throughout the day for the first two months after childbirth for… More
  • Healing herbal bath tea for postpartum
    Herbs can be incredibly effective at reducing inflammation, soothing perineal tissue and healing tears after a vaginal birth. The blend I’ve chosen below is made up of beautiful and fragrant blossoms that are uplifting, soothing,… More
  • For partners: how to prepare for labor
    For most people, labor is hard work. It also can be incredibly powerful and transformative, particularly if both the birther and her partner feel present, prepared and supported. If you’ve read any of my other… More


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